Umbilia armeniaca

Umbilia armeniaca is a beautiful species of West to South West Australia. It takes its name from "prunus armeniaca" the common apricot, because of the warm colour and the swollen shape. The rarest armeniaca variation is brunnea, so named by Raybaudi for the dark colok tending to brown. Westralica is the western smaller and dark variety with orange base. The typical armeniaca reaches over 120 mm, but normal size rarely exceed 110 mm.

Here we have 3 specimens of  armeniaca (117.5 , 111.2 and 109.4 mm) best colour and no defects, all very heavy for the species. The largest is from Lorenz, the other 2 are from Doug Thorn.

Umbilia armeniaca brunnea

This umbilia armeniaca brunnea has been obtained from Peter Demertzis and is a special piece, not for the size - close to 110 mm - that is not exceptional, but for the dark colour, the darkest I have ever seen. I have got two further brunnea in collection from Luigi Raybaudi and one of them is about 115 mm, but it looks faded (and it is not !) when compared to this one.

Umbilia armeniaca westralica

Some of my nicest westralica are displayed here with different size and pattern. Size is not worth to be mentioned, but colour and drawing are what best one can get. From Doug Thorn and other excellent Australian dealers (each specimen has been selected among dozens).

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