Lyncina camelopardalis

Lyncina camelopardalis is a beautiful cowrie from the Red Sea (Egypt to Somaliland) with a lovely shape, a grey-brown colour and many little round white spots scattered on dorsum. The sharmiensis variation has a strong white callous, is heavy and mature and shows an inflated shape. This pictured specimen is a "one of a kind" piece. In the whole world, I guess, there are not like this more than the fingers in one hand.  Extra gem quality, wonderful pattern, extreme side callousity and a size of  87.5 mm that I have never seen or heard of, even in the national museums or in the top collections. I have also put below a superbly patterned "little" sister of 65.5 mm, with a very attractive drawing, not so common in this species (from Gabriella Raybaudi Massilia).

Lyncina vitellus

Lyncina vitellus is a common shell in all the Indo Pacific  area. The average size is  between 50 and 60 mm. Over 70 mm, specimens are  to be considered large. The WRS is around 100 mm. Here we have 4 cowries, 2 of 85 mm, 1 of 83.5 mm and one of 78.2 mm. These Calf Cowries are all gem or very close to, everyone nicely dotted. They come from Moncur (the largest), from Raybaudi (2 specimens) and from Lorenz (the large rusty variation).

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