Leporicypraea valentia

Leporicypraea valentia is a famous rare species of Philippines. Some decades ago, large specimens in perfect conditions were extremely scarce to be found, even on place. Since several years it has become more common, but specimens like the one shown here - over 101 mm (not far from the WRS) and flawless - are to be considered still very rare. I had this specimen a long time ago in a Paris shell show from Philippe Quiquandon, who defined this piece "the shell of the show". I also love much some smaller but attractively darker specimens of valentia in my collection.

Lyncina aurantium

Lyncina aurantium is a legendary cowrie from Philippines and wide Indo-Pacific areas.  Forty years ago, the available specimens were never perfect, the colour was not uniformly deep orange and they often had visible stress lines on the posterior dorsum, near the base. Also, they rarely exceed the 100 mm of size. Now, aurantium is a common cowrie, offered on e-Bay for a few money in acceptable conditions of quality and colour. I show here a personal selection of 4 perfect specimens with size varying from a remarkable 110 mm (ex Raybaudi's collection) to 105 mm, 100 mm and 90 mm. I have had a specimen over 115 mm, but I was not fully satisfied with its quality and decided to give it away and to make happy some other collector.

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