Finally, a selection of a few lovely species, representing the very best that shells can offer to the aesthetic eye both of beginners and experts.

Oliva porphyria

Oliva porphyria  is an endemic species of California. So smooth and shiny, so  fascinating and attractive, it is one of the nicest shell that nature has produced. A quality specimen, beautifully patterned, with a size exceeding 100 mm, is a pleasure for the sight and for the touch.

Murex palmarosae

Murex palmarosae  is  simply a masterpiece  of  frills  and laces . . . and a couple of pictures of this wonderful shell could not be missing in this gallery.

Voluta junonia

Scaphella junonia is a lovely shell of Florida and North Caribbean Sea, with its unmistakable pattern of brown defined squares on light cream background. The lip is never perfect and the dorsum has often growth marks. A large specimen over 130 mm in very good quality conditions and with an excellent drawing is shown here to highlight this outstanding voluta.

Spondylus twins

When we guess we have seen it all, nature keeps on surprising us with a touch of originality  and  unpredictability  that makes us  whisper "oooh" like we did when we were children, getting excited of discovering life.

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