Baricypraea fultoni var. amorimi

Baricypraea fultoni is a great rarity from South East Africa. A heavy and compact cowrie. This specimen comes from one of the first Lorenz's auction on his website in internet. It has got all of the species: the size (over 80 mm), the clear typical drawing on dorsum, the rostration of the anterior tip, the light brown colour all around, the posterior callous at both sides of the body, peculiar of this variation. Furthermore, it is of the best available quality, rather shining and smooth, despite of the unavoidable soft granulation on top dorsum.

Perisserosa guttata

Perisserosa guttata is a "falling star", unbelievably rare at its beginning, has progressively become a commonly offered item in all web pricelists. Not so common is to find a nice large specimen, with great "ocelli", deeply orange coloured and without any fault. Here we have a huge specimen of 76.4 mm in gem conditions, coming from Balut - Philippines, obtained from Philippe Quiquandon in the 80's. A nice gem specimen of 64 mm is put beside for size comparison.

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