Conus betulinus

Conus betulinus is a large cone of the Indo-Pacific area. Quite common in average size (80-120 mm), it becomes rarer when exceeds 150 mm and the size is matched to a beautiful  pattern and a remarkable quality. This specimen is not flawless, but it is close to 160 mm,  keeping a beautiful uniform yellow colour, a superb pattern and a great overall looking. Beside it, a 90 mm specimen with a spectacular drawing.

Conus pulcher prometheus

Conus pulcher ("prometheus" is the old, now dismissed, name) is the largest existing  cone coming from Gabon - Gulf of Guinea - West Africa . It could reach  and pass the 250 mm.  This specimen  is not so large ("only" 180 mm), but it has a very dark colour, a nice pattern for the species and - what is exceptionally rare for such a size - a natural, not filed  lip.

Conus gloriamaris

Conus gloriamaris is a classic rarity among cones. In the past it has been  "the glory of the sea". Nowadays it has become more common, but has conserved its charm and glamour for the elegant shape and the fine tent pattern. Perfect specimens  over  130 mm are still  uncommon. Personally, I prefer the blonde colouration than the darker one.

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