Voluta ebraea

My favourite voluta. A stunning combination of drawings and colours, of knobs and nets, of curves and spires, a really fantastic shell. From Brazil, rarely over 20 cm (this specimen is over 22), always with damaged or filed lip. A classic  item for voluta collectors.

Livonia mamilla

A beautiful uncommon shell of Australia, reaching over 25 cm, but usually faded or damaged by dredging. The pictured specimen is of the best available colour and drawing. Chosen among dozens, from Doug Thorn.

Volutocorona imperialis

A classic large shell of Indopacific area, with an important name that  put the accent on the attractive superior crown of imperial standing. Rarely over 25 cm (like for these 2 specimens) and with a clear well defined pattern. Impossible to find shells of this size with all the spines of the crown unchipped.

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