Charonia tritonis

Charonia tritonis, the famous Triton Horn, is a giant species of Indian and Pacific Oceans, distributed in a wide area from East Africa to Polinesia, a classic shell chosen as model by Bernini for the Triton Fountain in Rome and by many other artists for their paintings in the past centuries. A specimen of remarkable size over 460 mm, coming from the Philippines, is shown here in all its impressive magnificence to confirm the primary role of this shell in the classic conchology.

Murex ramosus

Murex ramosus is the largest existing murex reaching the 350 mm (like the specimen of the picture) . This huge shell has been self collected many years ago while diving near Phi Phi Island - Thailand. You can imagine how big it could appear to me under water, where size is magnified  (. . . and this one does not need to be magnified).

Pleuroploca gigantea

Pleuroploca gigantea is a  huge species of family Fasciolaridae, endemic of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, quite common and diffused also as ornamental object . It can reach the 60 cm, beeing second for size among Gastropods only to Syrinx aruanus. Here a very large and selected specimen, chosen among about one hundred, in the market of Cancun - Mexico about 25 years ago.

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