In the next few pages a short selection of large and beautiful seashells of my collection. "Not only cowries" then, because nature has multiple forms of beauty and the specimens exposed hereafter are worth to be considered among best of them.

Strombus goliath

The largest strombus of all, coming from Brazil, is a gorgeous shell, now protected from the extinction for beeing overcollected. It is a massive and attractive stone heavy shell of beautiful shape and colours. It reaches the 38 cm (like the specimen shown here) and  rarely has a perfect lip and apex. From the Raybaudi's collection, fished in the 80's.

Strombus gigas

Strombus gigas, or betterly known Pink Conch, is a very common large shell of Caribbean area, adorning the nicest tropical beaches of Bahamas, Antilles, and Yucatan. It is often sold as a house ornament for its attractive shape and colours. It has a wide deeply pink coloured mouth and a pronounced lip. In this specimen the lip has oddly turned inside, showing a kind of interesting reversing wave. Bought in a fisherman's stand on the beach of  Bavaro's Coast in the Dominican Republic.

Strombus latissimus

Strombus latissimus is a large and heavy shell from the Phiiippines. It has a nice colouration and a very calloused lip. This mature and beautifully patterned specimen comes from Jean Pierre Barbier.

Strombus peruvianus

Like the name suggests, this strombus is endemic of Peru and can passes the 20 cm. The shown specimen is out of an old collection and is close to the mentioned maximum size. To add interest, it has got a deeply orange mouth, still shining as if it was freshly fished.

Lambis truncata

Lambis truncata is the largest species of the lambis genus in family Stromboidea. It is endemic of the Indian Ocean and get its name from the peculiar truncated apex. This huge and awesome specimen with the long seven curved fingers (the Creoles call it "sept doigts") has been found in a local market in Victoria - Mahè - Seychelles and paid a few dollars. Picture does not make justice  at all to this great shell.

Lambis chiragra

Another lovely and famous lambis is shown here. Its latin name is Lambis chiragra, but it is commonly known as Spider Conch. This shell is common and cheap, but it is not so easy to find a large perfect specimen with a nice colouration and  undamaged fingers. 

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