I always wondered how can be named luria (in latin it means "filthy") a  genus  of cowries  so pretty and  shiny, with several species characterized by the clean smooth pattern, sometimes decorated with checkers (tessellata) or longitudinal lines and dots (isabella) or simply with lighter brown stripes on darker brown dorsum (lurida and cinerea). It is at least unfair towards these wonderful gifts of nature, more precious than amethyst, that they resemble in some way. Beloved by collectors, the Checkered Cowrie has become an icon of the sea wonders and has increased its price of ten times in ten years (from 30 US $ to 300 US $, referring to an average specimen in nice quality). 

Luria tessellata

Luria lurida

Luria lurida pulchroides

Luria lurida oceanica

Luria isabella

Luria cinerea

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