Lyncina broderipii

Lyncina broderipii is one of the rarest and most beautiful cowrie. Endemic of South East Africa it is largely appreciated for its attractive pattern and bright colours. It is not easy to find a perfect specimen like this one, of top quality with well defined reticulation and vivid dark colour. If the size reaches over 98 mm like in this case, it is even more difficult, as specimens of 80/85 mm are to be considered of large dimensions. In my life, I have seen only one specimen over 100 mm in an advanced old collection, but it was not gem featuring some marks due to fish attacks, not infrequent in this species. I got this beauty from Philippe Quiquandon, many years ago.

Lyncina leucodon

Lyncina leucodon is a classic rarity from Philippines. Another very sought after piece among cowrie collectors. This specimen is simply stunning, flawless and giant. It measures 95.5 mm, has lovely spots and it is mature and heavy for the species. Felix Lorenz sold me this stand out after a long courting. Even in this case, specimens close to 100 mm are seldom seen, but never perfect and with this clear, well defined pattern.

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