Lyncina carneola

Carneola (meaning "flesh colour") is a very common cowrie in all the Indo-Pacific area. For this species, howewer, it is rare to see an uniform dark red colour matched with a smooth dorsum without growth lines. Size seldom exceeds the 70 mm. Here we have a 96.5 mm specimen (close to the WRS) in very good colour and quality, coming from Palawan - Philippines, purchased in the 90's from Philippe Quiquandon. Below, it is also displayed a nice, grey margined, smaller one .

Lyncina leviathan

My Hawaiian friend and keen diver Michael Mangum sold me these 2 specimens of leviathan, that he had freshly fished in Oahu, allowing me to upgrade some previous pieces I had in my collection (the largest was 88 mm from Demertzis). They are 97.6 and 93.5 mm, still very dark after years, with a smooth great dorsum and a robust callous. I refused a third specimen of 99 mm because badly lined  on a side.

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