Mauritia maculifera

Maculifera is a nice common cowrie diffused in many areas of Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has got a regularly reticulated pattern and a lovely dark base. Hawaiian shells of this species are the largest and the most beautiful ones. I have chosen to put the pictures of 2 large specimens of superior quality, picked from the shelves of my collection, both coming from Oahu and got from Michael Mangum. The size are 87.5 and 85.2 mm but, once again, the absolute perfection of the shells and the fantastic dark reticulation of the drawings add even more interest to the huge dimensions.

Mauritia histrio

Histrio is another lovely reticulated cowrie. Endemic of East Africa (from Kenya to Madagascar), but also found in Indian Ocean and Australia, it represents a close relative to maculifera and arabica. Specimens over 70 mm are large, over 75 mm are huge, over 80 mm are monsters. Here 2 histrio of 77/78 mm from Zanzibar and a histrio westralis from Broome - North Western Australia  over 80 mm, all in perfect conditions. The "monster" is from Willy Kauri, nickname of a smart Belgian dealer.

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