Macrocypraea cervus

The Deer Cowrie is the largest cowrie in the world, reaching the fabulous size of 200 mm. It is quite uncommon in all the Caribbean area, from the Florida Keys in the North, to Cuba and the Antilles in the middle, to Mexico in the South. Very large specimens over 150 mm, in excellent quality conditions, are no more to be found. For this shell, it is not easy to match the size with the perfection, as big cervus often have growth lines, little chips, or discontinuous pattern and colour. I show here 2 specimens of my collection of 148 and 130 mm chosen for the best available quality and for the  beautiful pattern (both are from Cabo Catoche - Mexico, formerly in Raybaudy's collection).

Macrocypraea zebra

Macrocypraea zebra is an elegant, elongate cowrie of  Central-South America, eastern coast. Large and dark specimens with many eyes like the ones displayed here are uncommon and very appreciated by collectors. I have seen in old collections zebra over 115 mm. The 2 below are both gem, 105 and 97 mm, provenience Brazil, ex Raybaudi's collection.

Macrocypraea cervinetta

Macrocypraea cervinetta is the western sister of zebra, from Ecuador to Galapagos. Similar in shape and colour, it has an extremely variable size from 30 to 130 mm. The pictures show a specimen of 107 mm very heavy and mature, conserving a dark colour and a nice uniform pattern with many dots, despite of size and age. Ecuador. From Quiquandon.  

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