Zoila thersites

Zoila thersites is another classic beauty from Australia. Rarely exceeding the threshold of 100 mm it is a solid, dark and lovely marked shell, with mirror shining dorsum and awesome coloured base. Many forms and variations are known of this species , from fully black to candid white. Hereafter a  personal small selection of 4 specimens: 2 large pieces (from Felix Lorenz and Hugh Morrison) and 2 little dark ones, both with a striking mantle line (from Rob Clifton).

Zoila perlae eludens

Perlae eludens is, in many collectors' opinion, one of the most beautiful zoila . I love this little masterpiece of the West Australian seas and consider it anything but "deceivable", the meaning of its latin name given by Raybaudi, who first described it. Its peculiarities are unmistakable and so glamorous to make it the queen of the zoila genus. The specimen shown here, has a remarkable size of 68 mm and is one of the best ever dealed by Gary Wilson, a real specialist for this species.

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