Zoila friendii

Zoila friendii is a classic, dark and elongate cowrie of West Australia  with its lovely "gondola" shape and its rostrated and fragile extremities. Many variations of colours , bodies and depth exist in this species (to have an idea, it is sufficient taking a look at the book "Australia's spectacular cowries"). I have chosen to show here 3 specimens among many collected, for their simply amazing peculiarities. The "marina" - here illustrated  with a  flawless 96 mm specimen - is worth to be considered a valid different form. The darkest one is a top piece of 98 mm from Max Innes, who for a long time has been a very reliable Australian dealer on the net and a real gentleman to me. Its mirror glossy dorsum makes impossible to avoid reflections in picture shooting.

Zoila friendii vercoi

Zoila friendii vercoi, is a variation of friendii, becoming rarer because of overcollecting in low tide waters of South Australia, where it lives. Here we have a large specimen of 94 mm from Raybaudy's collection, one dark and one small jewel from Rob Clifton and a lentiginosa form over 90 mm in gem conditions, obtained from Peter Demertzis.

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